Design for Social Impact


Tackle issues creatively to improve your ideas for a better society!

Design thinking is the process of creative thinking to solve issues and find ways to benefit society with an inventive idea and focusing on its pre-production process. Design thinking can be used to address social challenges. During this 4 day workshop, participants will understand the value of design to benefit society and learn ways to use design thinking for social development. Learn how to analyze, recognize, and formulate local social problems. In an engaging session, you will discuss ideas, implement test results, and receive feedback in the initial design thinking process to maximize impact.


Day 1

  • Who is NexAR
  • Learn about design research and design thinking

Day 2

  • Discover issues to work on in the field using social design tools
  • Interpret the benefits of design tools

Day 3

  • Create potential solutions
  • Experiment with solutions

Day 4

  • Evaluate and Innovate
  • Experiment with the prototype

Day 5

  • Evaluate and Innovate
  • Present your designs

Dates & Location

Monday 9th - 13th December, 2019

1 day; 3 hrs / day

Knowledge Tower - Floor 7



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PlanQ, Dennis Meulenbroeks

Dennis Meulenbroeks is the founder and director of NexAR, a bridge building organization for design between the Netherlands and the Arab World. As a…