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Color Psychology


Color Psychology" is an exploration in a dazzling world of alluring colors. It shed light to color meanings and how pivotal are they to designing graphics. The workshop will also cover topics related to color theory, its hidden details, research, and effective blends that are vital to applying colors in visual communication

• Workshop Outputs:

o Identify the basic color design theories: hue, saturation, brightness, contrast.

o Materialize the possible relationships and combinations between shapes on the color wheel.

o Learn how to form colors to produce glyphs and compositions in harmonious colors.

o Explore how colors are essential in designing products relatable and communicable to target audiences.

• Workshop Outline:

o Day 1:

Color wheel and color harmony.

o Day 2:

Psychology and meaning of Color

o Day 3:

How colors communicate with target audiences (mood and symbolism).

Dates & Location

Thursday 3rd - 5th October, 2019

1 day;

Knowledge Tower - Floor 9 - Classroom 1


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Zeina Joueidi

Zeina Joueidi, a business student turned artist, was attracted to natural patterns & earthy materials since childhood. She was born in 1991 in…