Coding 101


In this 5-day workshop participants will learn the fundamentals of Python, learn what is programming and why do you need to write code. The participants will come in to learn the syntax and how to deal with the software. They will also learn methods to apply an application through the language of Python through demos and hands on labs. The workshop will allow them to know the difference between machine language and human language.


Day 1
Learn to install, setup and run Python
Basic Syntax and Variables

Day 2
-Numerical data and Mathematics operators
-Develop a simultaneous equation solver program

Day 3
-Learn booleans and conditionals
-Syntax of if, if-then-else, if and elif
Day 4
-Logical operators and truth tables
-Develop a quadratic equation solver program

Day 5
-Using while loops
-Applying while loops to Mathematics

Workshop Level: Beginner

Dates & Location

Tuesday 19th - 23rd November, 2019

1 day; 3 hrs / day

Knowledge Tower - Floor 8 - Classroom 2

13-15 Years


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