Bilingual Publication Design


At “Bilingual Publication Design” workshop, we take you on a fascinating journey to explore the typographic integration of Latin and Arabic texts in a context of poster design. It brings to focus many anticipated challenges such as the selection of compatible fonts, maintaining a well-balanced and well-designed graphical composition, and communicating them in two languages. The workshop encompasses both the theoretical and practical aspects, where case studies and methodologies will be applied with participants to be utilized later during the poster design exercise under the supervision of the instructor. 

Workshop Outputs:

• Develop the theoretical and practical skills of participants in dealing with designs in dual languages.

• Participants will be able to practice the gained knowledge in future projects.

Workshop Outline:

o Day 1

Attend a lecture on typography and graphics in the context of bilingual design, presenting and sharing case studies related to the task, and bringing to light the best practices in the workshop's proposed design principles.

A discussion and a "Q and A" paragraph on proposed assignments. 

Participants start designing a poster with the support of the instructor.

o Day 2

Work design and graphic development session, with individual feedback sessions provided by the instructor.

Each participant will present his/her project developed in the workshop.

Dates & Location

Monday 7th - 8th October, 2019

1 day;

Knowledge Tower - Floor 8 - Classroom 2


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Tarek Atrissi

Tarek Atrissi is a Dutch -Lebanese Graphic designer and typographer running his internationally acknowledge design studio based in Barcelona, Spain.…