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The Art of Storytelling


The Art of Storytelling
Participants will be exposed to the basic elements of the art of storytelling, and will acquire the techniques of this art. They will undergo a multitude of practical exercises, and each of them will have the chance to perform in front of the audience. Fatema will focus on giving individual feedback on the practices.

Day 1:
- Definition of storytelling.
- The history of storytelling.
- Basic elements of a story.
- The introduction of characters to attract audience.
- The importance of storytelling in kids’ lives.
- The workshop will involve many exercises.
Day 2:
- Basics of the art of storytelling.
- Different techniques for storytelling.
- Developing skills of the art of storytelling.
- The workshop will involve many exercises.
Day 3:
- Finding the right story.
- The preparation for storytelling.
- The importance of the voice.
- Body language.
- The overall performance.

Day 4:
- Participants will present their stories to the group.
- The group will assess the performance.
- Closing remarks.

Workshop Level: Beginner

Dates & Location

Monday 18th - 21st November, 2019

1 day; 4 hrs / day

Knowledge Tower - Floor 9 - Classroom 1



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