The Theater has brought ambitious programming to Ithra, including contemporary music (e.g., Naseer Shamma/Manginyar Connection), contemporary dance (e.g., Merzouki’s Pixel), theater (e.g., Miyagi’s Mahabarata), opera (e.g., Verdi’s Rigoletto by Teatro alla Scala), classical music (e.g., The Marinsky Orchestra), and circus (e.g., Vietnam’s A O show).

In addition to curating a broad-ranging slate of programming, the Ithra Theater team has also co-produced various original works. Most recently, the Theater team’s collaboration with the National Arab Orchestra resulted in the overwhelmingly successful program: A Tribute to Asmahan and Umm Kulthum.

Naseer Shamma and the Oud House Orchestra

Manginyar Connection

Merzouki’s Pixel

Miyagi’s Mahabarata

Vienna Chamber Orchestra

The 80's Show

Vietnam’s A O show

A Tribute to Asmahan and Umm Kulthum