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Explore the curiosity of science and imaginative world of SciFi through pop culture science communication at PiCon!

PiCon is an interactive science convention for curious learners to meet engineers, scientists and social media science communicators, and other specialists in their fields. Through fascinating talks, discussions, challenges and installations visitors are inspired to reach for the stars!

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For the health and safety of our community, “PiCon” scheduled from March 12 until 21 has been cancelled.

Please contact the Ithra call center on 800-122-1224 for details to request a full refund for your ticket.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and look forward to welcoming you soon at Ithra.


Dr. Khalid Al-Yahya

Dr. Khalid Al-Yahya is a consultant in the Strategic Management Office in Saudi Arabia. He is distinguished by his inspiring lectures, has published multiple articles, and participates in presenting the cultural program "Capture" on Al Arabiya TV.


Dr. Mohammad Qasem

Dr. Qasem is an assistant professor in Electronic Engineering and specializes in Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning, with expertise in optimization and data compression. He currently works as a consultant for the Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Sciences (KFAS). He was selected by Nature Middle East as one of six science communicators to follow.


Dr. Mahdi Mansour

Dr. Mahdi Mansour is a professor at Pearson College, where he is also an educational consultant and content manager. He is an MEPLI fellow at Harvard University for Cohort 2020 and a remarkable poet in the Arab region.


Mishaal Alshemimry

Mishaal Ashemimry is the first female aerospace engineer in the GCC, an aerospace entrepreneur, speaker, and influencer. Alshemimry is also a consultant in her field and a professor at the University of Miami Mechanical and Aerospace Department. While based in Miami, Florida, she founded MISHAAL Aerospace at age 26 to pursue her ultimate dream of building rockets.


Diana Alsindy

Diana AlSindy is a Propulsion Development Engineer at Virigin Orbit. She is the founder of @TheArabianStargazer, a bilingual educational platform that promotes STEM to the Arab youth all around the world. Diana hosts virtual classes with schools that do not have access to engineering resources; she is also a frequent keynote speaker on multiple topics such as space exploration, engineering, science communication, and the role of social media in education.


Dr. Brian Green

Brian Randolph Greene is a renowned American theoretical physicist, mathematician, and string theorist. He has been a professor at Columbia University since 1996 and Chairman of the World Science Festival since co-founding it in 2008. He is also the director of Columbia’s Center for Theoretical Physics.


Kasha Patel

Kasha Patel is an American science writer, comedian, sound artist, and broadcaster. Since 2014, she produced the only scientific comedy shows that have regularly aired in the United Staes. She is known as the "digital storyteller" of NASA's Earth Observatory.


Dr. Mohammd Alenezi

Dr. Mohammed Alenezi is a researcher specializing in nanotechnology and robotics. He seeks to apply nanotechnology solutions to environmental issues, resource scarcity, and water concerns through high-efficiency nanostructures and solar power. Dr. Alenezi is the founder and head of a development education project in Kuwait.


Dr. Homam Aqeel

Dr. Homam Aqeel is a doctor of immunity and infection, and the presenter of "Dislike Show" on YouTube.


Dr. Ayed Alajmy

Dr. Alajmy is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Electric Engineering Technology at the College of Technological Studies at the Public Authority of Applied Education and Training and a cultural advisor at the Department of Scientific Culture in Kuwait. He is a well-known scientific publisher on social media in the Arab region. He is an author and presenter of the YouTube channel "Wamadat Elmiyah (Scientific Flashes)" and the author and presenter of the podcast "Sci-Talk."


Dr. Ammar AlSabban

Dr. Ammar Al-Sabban is a creative content creator, comedy writer, producer, voice actor, and puppeteer. He is the co-founder of the MSTDFR Publishing Company, a producer of popular podcasts in the region.


Adel AlBashrawi

Adel Albashrawi is a paleoanthropology researcher and a student of different branches of science including evolutionary biology, astronomy, and paleoclimatology.


Dr. Faris Bukhamsin

Dr. Faris Bukhamsin is the co-founder and CEO of "Scientific Saudi," a leading science communication agency in the region that produces and publishes science content.


Dr. Sari Sabban

Dr. Sari Sabban is an assistant professor in molecular biology and biotechnology, researching anti-allergy therapeutics. His passion is sharing the latest scientific news with the weekly Arabic podcast, "ILM FM."


Salam Qatnani

Salam Qatnani is a digital content creator and creative producer on YouTube.


Hussain Abdullah

Hussain Abdullah is a self-taught video creator and animator. He makes educational videos about science and history with a comedic twist. He has also worked as an IT consultant for multiple government sectors.


Ziyad AlGhamdi

Ziyad AlGhamdi was one of the MGF Future Fit program mentors, a program focused on the skills required for future jobs.


Yasser Bahjat

Yasser Bahjat has a master's degree in Future Technologies from Singularity University at the NASA Research Center in Silicon Valley. He wrote his novel "Qetqania: The Ancient World" in Arabic and English.