Tanween is Back!

Tanween is back
Get ready to play
10 – 26 October 2019


• Tanween, Ithra’s annual Creativity Season, is an event filled with inspirational talks, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, installations and activities for all ages, covering science, art and innovation.
• Tanween is an Arabic word for Nunation, a written letter accents that are a pair of “Harakat”. It adds another diversion to the voice and shape of a given word, it solidifies the meaning and intent. Nunation changes the form of a word, and Tanween express how the event affects us. Tanween gives people the opportunity to see and try things in a new way, and to explore where Tanween will take them.

• Innovation, a way of life in Saudi Aramco and the Kingdom: Aramco is focused on investing in creativity and innovation, with the aim to promote sustainability and create value-add from oil and gas resources. Aramco is dedicated to enabling society to adopt a solution-based creative mindset where innovation becomes a lifestyle.