Ithra wins the Sonic Brand Award

The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) is delighted to win the Transform MENA Award in the Content sector for "Best Use of Audio Branding" in partnership with Massive Music. The award recognizes excellence in the brand communication, it honors and rewards the most innovative, creative and successful brand work rel="noopener noreferrer" across the world.

Massive Music were asked to create a unique, global, sonic identity for the iconic building "Ithra", a sound that is perfect balance between tradition and modern. Weaving the sounds of traditional instruments of the Arabian Peninsula (such as the Oud and Ney flute), with modern production techniques and recorded sample sounds from the Ithra building - an original brand theme and sonic logo was born.


Ithra’s mission to “enrich the future youth of Saudi Arabia” sparked our creative concept for the structure of the brand theme. This concept is based around a “Journey of Enrichment”. This can be heard distinctly throughout the brand theme, whereby the music constantly evolves, with varying moments of discovery, matching the journey experienced by a visitor to Ithra. The red dots on the below diagram signify moments where the Ithra sonic logo can be heard.