World Poetry Day

Rumi wrote, “Do not grieve over past joys, be sure they will reappear in another form.” This could translate just the same in less poetic language, but it will lack the powerful message to the reader. Poetry has a way to make us think and feel while igniting a spark into realms of passion, wonder and knowledge. Poetry transcends mere words into soul-bending magic, allowing readers to think beyond their ordinary thoughts and feel more intensely. On 2021 World Poetry Day, what words would pour out of you through poetry?

When writing poetry, a simple question could turn into a debate, a philosophical thought process, a confession of love, or even a rejuvenating outlook on what is true. Poetry allows the soul to purge and for human emotion and thought-provoking questions and riddles to come to the surface. Practicing poetry helps release stress and clears the mind of cluttered words. The beauty of poetry is allowing the reader to interpret the words in their own way, to expand their mind and let the poem resonate within them in their own understanding.

The Controlled Life (below)is a poem that investigates modern life—lives filled with social media, an addiction to and a control by smartphones and major tech companies, and consumers, who are the willing hostages under the big conglomerates.

A simple question in the beginning asks the reader to think about who they are when they are alone. Are they solely thinking of the world shown to them through social media and the news and further instigates the reader to think of who they really are? At the end of the poem, the poet asks the reader if they really see themselves as an individual who is in control of their own organic thoughts.

The Controlled Life

When you are alone, are you human?
When no one else like you is around you,
what would you be?

Distorted faces, filled with fillers
Fill unfulfilling lives, filled up with filters
Smiles tell lies and show willful liars.
Social media posts unsatisfied dreamers
and devours the rest to be believers,
to worship the tech powers
and all its empty promises.
Is the forbidden fruit the Apple?
Believing in Google for all their answers.

In a moment,
human chaos is on the news
A second after,
inhumane ignorance consumes
and buries another severe issue.

It’s a brave new world
in a world full of knowledge and neglect.

Everyone wants to be the ruler
and nobody wants to be ruled.
When no one else is around you,
who are you going to be?
Do you rule yourself
or are you controlled by your own device?

You own your life on your phone
Your phone owns you and the life you own.

When you’re alone,
what would you be?
Are you controlled by the lives of others
through a screen full of life?
Or are you living your fulfilling life,
filled with your own organic thoughts.

Written by Nora Al-Taha