The Romantics vs the Realists

What would your heart say to you?
Do you hear a beat, a yell, or comfort?
A pain, a longing, and a villain
an opposing force, a true evil
the brain, the mind, the logic
who are you without your heart?

The heart, the heart, the heart
a beat, a rhythm, the pain
an uncertain romantic eye
to see a rosy kind of life
What is the reality?
Who is right?
(The brain)
A humane thought,
a hope for humanity
a hopeful heart
in an uncertain reality
(The brain)

How to draw a heart:
A curve, and another
Draw a heart.
A logical brain?
Swirls, lines and traces
a mess.

A heart beats as clear as day
a mind stirs and stirs
an over thinker, an overtime worker
A single beat after beat,
who is clear?
Your heart or mind?

The romantic vs the realistic
A hope vs a logic
A poet, a reader
A lover of life—the heart
the builder of all—the brain
the sane and insane

A broken heart sits in despair,
A broken mind wanders off,
to unrealistic possibilities

Sensitive souls, open minds
Optimistic hearts and beautiful minds
Safety and chaos
Chaotic heads
Defensive and guarded,
hearts in denial.

“I’m right, I’m right, I am,”
Hearts say.
Hope washes over like oceans and seas
a heart waits to drown,
hoping it would not.

Minds tell you to let go.
What to do? What to do?
Whom to choose?

What is right?
What feels right?
Hearts feel,
it is humane
we are human
we feel

We think.
We plan, solve and analyze
Strong-minded men and women
who feel

Anger, love, sadness
is trust logical?

The heart is brave,
the heart jumps, tries,
and expands
Jumps out of planes
Dares, dreams, and accepts more
Larger than life.
The heart has its own eyes
it closes its eyes,
it feels, believes and understands
The Brave.
Brave enough to be naïve
Brave enough to do the impossible
Strong enough to be exposed

“Trust me,” the heart says.
“No, no, no.”
The mind protects.
“I’m right, I’m right,”
hearts plead.
The mind can let go.
Heart vs mind
Feel vs think
you vs life
Dream vs reality
what will your mind say?
What will your heart see?

The heart can be torn
the mind can be controlled
Beatable and fixable.

Will we ever know who is right?
Is it question after question after question?
Are we never satisfied
because it does not feel right?
We are feeling,
we think.
We are both,
Heart and mind.

Positivity for logical ones
a clear head for hopeful ones.

Written by Nora Al-Taha