Tanween: Stepping Into More

As we dim the lights on another successful Tanween Season, let's take a step back to one of our speakers: Chris Law, his journey with sneakers, and his view on Ithra.

With a Yankees baseball cap—"I'm not a Yankees fan, I just like their logo," Chris Law confesses before the interview—and glasses esteemed for stylish designers, he gave a bit of insight into the world of possibilities. He shares, "Ithra is like no place else, it has a great story and it is exciting to see where it will go."

With a record career, working with Adidas, Clarks, Converse, Vans and more, he has had the opportunity to inject his creative direction and design into the very thing we all wear: shoes. Sneakers has had its own club and die-hard fans and collectors, respectfully called 'sneakerheads', and over the years, the industry has only kept growing.

From Adidas re-launching their 90s Originals Superstar sneakers to Gucci and other luxury brands coming out with new stylish casual styles, the sneaker world has had a massive influence on fashion and personal style. During this fourth Tanween Creativity Season, we meet Chris Law, footwear designer and graphic designer, who is also the co-author of the highly revved book, Sneakers: The Complete Collectors' Guide—a book that can be found on the shelves of many sneakerheads.

He shared his origin story during his Talk and during his workshop, he taught the design process from sketch to the shelf, and everything it takes to turn an idea to reality with your own personal touch. "Tanween is such a great platform for the community and the Kingdom for the people to come together and share ideas, to learn and build a strong community," he says. "(It) has a lot of exciting energy."

Ithra’s five pillars—creativity, culture, community, art, and knowledge—the Center thrives to nurture and share an abundance of creative and innovative individuals from each pillar. With Tanween rolling in annually, and hopefully for every coming year, we look forward to seeing the Kingdom fill with creative richness and inspiring individuals.

With our closing, this Tanween Season, the creative genius that simmers among us inspires us to come together again next year. "Tanween, for creative people, gets you pumped. Its environment is a great spot as it sets you up for creativity to get you going," Chris says. Join us next year, with your best shoes on and your creative mind ready to indulge in a new world of possibilities.