Before its prosperous blossoming, the desert lands of Saudi Arabia were populated by humble Arab tribes and dominated by the sand dunes that rose and fell in the distance. Oil was discovered in the 1930s and what grew in the desert then were mountains of wealth that would forever change the country.

Today, Saudi Arabia is undergoing extraordinary change, a historical moment of modern evolution. Since the Kingdom announced Vision 2030, the country has been progressing toward a future bright with expanding opportunities and massive potential. The traditional approach of the Kingdom has changed gears with its commitment to reform and promise of expanded opportunities.

Women took the driver’s seat, cinemas welcomed movie-goers and film fans, the Kingdom opened its gates to tourism, ARAMCO launched its highly-anticipated initial public offering (IPO), concerts by world-renowned artists such as Akon, David Guetta, and DJ Marshmello are now common, and Ithra has hosted public programming featuring Saudi, Arab, and international artists, actors, musicians, as well as culture experts of many specialties.

The long-untapped potential of Saudi Arabia has begun to bloom. As the people are growing experienced in the fields of business, science, and the arts, the country is blossoming into a multifaceted nation more and more defined by creativity and expertise. Formerly impossible goals are being met. Ambitious projects are finding success. And positive feedback has been flowing to and through the nation.

Only a few years ago, Saudi citizens sought their recreational activities and inspiration elsewhere. But now, as the Kingdom expands its offerings and opportunities, people from the region and around the world are finding new possibilities and potential within Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom’s refreshed platform – so highly anticipated – is finding purchase. In terms of culture, science and entrepreneurship, in Saudi Arabia we are now witnessing a flowering celebration of human potential.

By Nora Al-Taha

Edited by Daniel Kany