Starting from August 1, 2021, entering the Center is for vaccinated people only.


The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) will take its visitors on a journey through many stops and stations, to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan through worlds of fascinating tales and cultural events filled with entertainment and joy evoking the spirit of the holy month.

Join us so we can learn together about the significance of this month and its activities and traditions starting from the first day of Ramadan,Monday-Saturday, 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

No tickets needed for the selection of programs below, except Ithra tours programs.

Ramadan Programs


Ramadan Stations

Join us on an exciting journey through Ramadan stations and learn about artworks inspired by the holy month.


Moon Phases

From a crescent to a full moon, we are filled with joy and happiness every year. Let’s learn the different moon phases together.


The Lamp around the Islamic World

In this historical journey our museum guides will let you know more about the lamp through our new Art of Orientation exhibition collection.


Qarqian Story Time

Enchanting stories come to life at our dedicated Story Time sessions in the library. These gatherings have been designed to encourage a love of books, a desire to read and to spark your children's imagination and creativity.


Ithra Tours

You can now explore Ithra in various ways through six different tours. Suppose you are curious about the Center's events or would love to know about the different departments and interactively learn about Ithra. In that case, Ithra Tours is here to satisfy your curiosity!


Underland Treasures

What are some of the land’s treasures? This is a journey to discover the minerals of our Kingdom and their uses, to create an architectural masterpiece.


Arabic Calligraphy Trolley

Through this informative trolley, children will learn more about the history of Arabic calligraphy, an entire world of art in itself.


Calligraphy Tree

An installation of all the letters of the Arabic alphabet in different colors, sizes, styles and shapes that you can walk through or use it for photography.


Letter by Letter

Test your ability to remember the spelling of the Arabic words with three different difficulty levels. Be first to press the red button!


Ramadan Nights Bazaar

Enjoy shopping these Ramadan nights through the various stalls filled with clothes, accessories and souvenirs that give you the most wonderful memories.


Ithra Cultural Majils

A series of cultural encounters where the guests dive into the heart of the cultural issues that are most pressing in the current landscape. This series, in its third iteration, examines perspectives on Arabic poetry.


Pockets of Lights

Join us in cultural conversations presented by the Imam of Ithra Mosque, Muhammad al-Saawi, in a scientific, knowledgeable and a religious sense.

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