Photography has captured feelings and moments for centuries. Unlike any other art form, it captures real people in real time; with raw images that depict subjects’ honest emotions and beautiful landscapes set in real-time. Photography is a form of modern art that remains significant to this day and is a language that can be understood by everyone.

Immortality is an abstract concept, but with photography, our memories, our experiences, and our perspectives can outlive us. Beauty and worth are captured in a photo and we can interpret why it was taken.

Photographers have the ability to allow us into their world through their lens. With distinctive skill and a keen eye, they capture feelings in people and worthy moments; they capture historical events that are valued for years. A photographer freezes time and in doing so, their subject is immortalized forever.

Photographs are powerful mediums, able to portray and depict great beauty or great pain. Throughout our history, photographs have had the ability to serve as providers of insight, from the lens of the photographer to the eye of the beholder.

Photography has served humanity with beauty and strength; the chronological build of the Eiffel Tower, the humble desert lands of Saudi Arabia before its prosperity, revolutions recorded across the world… a picture is worth a thousand words. It has allowed us to travel to the past, cross vast distances, delve into different cultures, and to learn through unforgettable moments.

Over generations, humanity has been struck in awe of the photographs that have captured humankind through its evolution and significant milestones. Photography has conveyed precious artistic expression, candid emotions, marvelous scenery, and treasured events. Today, these artists are celebrated for their incomparable talents, their keen eye and their gifted perspective.

At the Ithra Museum, we welcome you to Mara’ina, a singular photographic display of stories at our Funoon Gallery, celebrating the admirable photographic work of Saudi, Arab, and international photographers.