A Personal Anchor for Creativity

For the International Day of Creativity and Innovation, I am not going to talk about the great innovations and discoveries that enrich us every day and which have become essential parts of our lives today. Instead, I am going to talk about how creatively creates a personal anchor, with which we can overcome routine days and cope with difficult times. But what is this anchor? And how can we innovatively create it? We can invent this in three ways, which can help us through the tough days. These are:

1. Embrace a hobby:

Having a hobby is one of the most essential things which can help people release themselves from the pressure that is put on them by their daily responsibilities. Habits can lessen the stress as it keeps us busy doing something we enjoy. These habits could be as simple as reading, writing, watching TV series, painting, sports, chess or any other activity that makes us feel better. They could also be some of our daily routines such as driving, tidying, listening to a podcast or many other things we do without paying too much attention. According to research done by the University of Arkansas, habits have many benefits; they include building relationships. Through practicing habits, we can meet new people and build a small network. Another benefit is patience and an increase in self-confidence which comes through training ourselves. Habits can also enable people to build new skills that they were not aware of. And if you do not know which hobby or habit could help you build your anchor, then experimenting is the best tool for making great discoveries!

2. Support groups:

Sometimes, all we need to put a heavy day behind us is a shoulder to cry on: someone whose existence gives us a feeling of ease and comfort and with whom we can be ourselves with no fear of judgment. This person could be a family member or a friend whom we can invite for a cup of coffee and talk to them about anything that worries us. This makes us feel at ease and that we can carry on our daily responsibilities and duties.

3. Certainty:

Yes! Sometimes, neither hobbies nor support networks can help us overcome a particularly difficult day. So what we need in this case is certainty: a certainty that despite how heavy this day is, it will pass as other days did. Maybe we can remember the story of the wise man who engraved on the king’s ring the phrase: “This time will pass,” meaning that time passes whether it be happy or sad times. So, no matter how difficult this day is, it will pass as many lovely days have passed too.

Finally, the greatest thing a human being can invent is to have self-respect for themselves through thick and thin and during hard times and good times to be their own best friend and support. Therefore, on the International Day of Creativity, we should remember not to limit our creativity and innovation to our work and responsibilities, but we should expand them further to include ourselves too.

By Noura Al-barrak