Explore the Spacetime Enigma with Ithra eLibrary’s Black Holes by Stephen Hawking

While Ithra is temporarily closed for the sake of safety, it is offering a vast amount of exciting educational content for you to enjoy in the comfort (and safety) in your home. Ithra Library encourages you to explore extraordinary stories and wondrous theories through the eLibrary. This week, stay home and travel through the most mind-blasting spacetime theory with Stephen Hawking’s essay collection, Black Holes.

Fact is often stranger than fiction. Today, there is no shortage of imaginative fantasy stories set in magnificent fictional places. The human mind can conjure a virtually unlimited amount of bizarre ideas and magical thoughts, but we only need to go so far to find mind-blowing concepts. In our galaxy, black holes exist. (There is a super massive one at the center of the Milky Way – about 30,000 light years away.) Black holes are a source of both fear and fascination. Anything that comes in contact with a black hole vanishes. Because they bend space and time, black holes raise questions that expand our minds.

A black hole occurs wherever gravitational force is so strong, nothing can escape it. Usually collapsed suns, black holes have long been fuel for legendary sci-fi novels and scientific mysteries. But the darkness of black holes devours almost any answer about what lies on the other side. The idea of the black hole remains the star of mindboggling science.

Ithra Library offers curious readers the chance to hear from physicist Stephen Hawking through his collection of essays titled Black Holes. Hawking believed the by uncovering the effects of black holes on space and time, we could unlock the secrets of the universe. Black Holes explores Hawking’s wonderous theories about the great voids that exist in our universe. Engage in what lies at the event horizon of our common surroundings. Explore the mystery!