Experience the Wonder of Time

The early sunrise opens your hazy eyelids. You lay in bed and listen to the silence. Your mug of coffee or cup of tea soothes your senses. The warmth, the delicious scent, the caffeine awakens you.

A traffic jam causes you to be late. Your workload kidnaps your leisure hours. Your next birthday ages you. The hours tick by, days come and go, and the years pass. In the blink of an eye, you are older.

A short horror story: you are running out of time. Time is constantly chasing you down a narrow hallway. It cuts down your hours and years. Your days seem shorter and your energy drops. Your goals and dreams seem to be running faster from you. Time can feel like a nightmare when you are awake. The sequel reads like this… A Comedy: Time is Not Real.

When you read the second paragraph, you probably felt your heart race and stress began to bubble. The first paragraph likely sent you a sense of relaxation (well, if you’re a morning person). Think of the relaxed morning scenario in correlation with the busy day. You started your morning refreshed and happy, but later, you found yourself stressed in traffic and bustling at work, during the year, and ultimately, throughout your life.

We wish for more time and yet we don’t realize we already have it. Putting energy into the moment adds worth more than the focus on the clock. In books and films, time machines have been imagined, but the trick to traveling in time? Reading. The Order of Time by Italian physicist Carlo Rovelli is a fascinating book to dive into. If you are looking to pass the time by focusing on the nature of time, Rovelli’s book gives a lucid explanation of how Einstein essentially proved that time and space are ultimately the same thing (spacetime). He explores the thought-provoking notion of a world without time. And he clearly explains the idea that time is not a universal truth but simply a measurement of change and the relativity-based understanding that time is different depending where you are. Your “now,” Rovelli elucidates, is different than mine.

As our world constantly changes and we experience the scariest of periods, it is important to practice mindfulness of being. Our focus on time has the human race frantic and stressed. Staying home and maintaining self-awareness for personal peace, we can better understand ourselves and the world around us. Dive into the concept of time with a distinct perspective and get lost in Rovelli’s The Order of Time.

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