As an engine of innovation and entrepreneurship, Ithra is dedicated to introduce our communities to local and international businesses in a way that complements Ithra’s visitor’s experience and community engagement. This is an excellent opportunity for your business to participate in this experience!

Why Ithra?

  1. A leading new global landmark.
  2. A dynamic center with ongoing programs and events.
  3. Most visited destination in the Eastern Province.
  4. A hub of creativity, activity, culture and knowledge.

Participation Opportunities

  1. Food and beverages.
  2. Creative merchandise.
  3. Fine crafts.
  4. Supply products or direct sales.

Participation Details

Full name:

Phone number:


Interests in:


Name of Business:

Business Social Media Account:

Profile Proposal Attachment:

The proposal must include mission, vision, description and prior experience.

Registrant explicitly declares and certifies that the information provided within their proposal is true and correct to the best of their knowledge and that they only submit their very own work, and no work of third parties.

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Submission of application does not guarantee acceptance. Please note that all submissions must undergo a review, and registrants will be notified upon final acceptance.