Visit Ithra Connect while the Center is temporarily closed to the public.

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Memorable Moments

The modest land of Dhahran has welcomed Ithra to bring the people into an energetically charged hub that celebrates, encourages,…

10 October 2019

Tanween Workshops

Endless opportunities and unimaginable ideas bloom in an inspiring and supportive environment for creative young minds in the…

10 October 2019

Ready to Play?

During Ithra’s annual Creativity Season, fun meets knowledge, and Ithra meets Tanween for its second edition. Ithra introduces…

10 October 2019

Tanween 2019: Behind the Scene

Drills, nails, lights, drum roll, players… Ready, set, Tanween! Ithra is working hard and preparing for its second edition of…

09 October 2019

Wizard of Oz at Ithra

The magical story of Dorothy venturing into the world of Oz performs at Ithra. The Ithra Theater is used to its fullest…

09 October 2019