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Saudi Film Stereotypes

Saudi Film Stereotypes Poverty, exotic, terrorist, oppressed: those are a few examples of how Hollywood stereotypes Arabs.…

17 March 2021

Lands for All People

Add to Your Bucket List: Lands for All People Thinking in stereotypes helps keep things simple and can be useful as a shorthand,…

17 March 2021

Subduing Stereotypes with Storytelling

The life of a human is that of a film reel with raw footage — long hours of material ready to be repackaged and edited into a…

17 March 2021

Layla & Tawba

Layla & Tawba Death reached him when he became perfect and those who would compete with him will fail He was like a lion…

10 February 2021

Love Landmarks

The Aja and Salma Mountains in Hail, where the origin of their names stems from the tragic pre-Islamic love story of Aja and…

10 February 2021

The Fragrant Roads of the Incense Trade Route

The Fragrant Roads of the Incense Trade Route "In meadows of purple roses is their dwelling, shaded with libanos…

14 January 2021

Streets of Art

Special Feature: Streets of Art "There are streets to enjoy, there are streets to wander aimlessly, and also there are…

13 January 2021

The Art In, Around and Of Streets

Special Feature: The Art In, Around and Of Streets People come and people go. People cross, pass and dash. Neighbors and…

13 January 2021

Guest Columnist: An ancient art revived

"I wanted to take art to the people, turn the outside into an inspiring gallery." For thousands of years, civilizations left…

13 January 2021