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Saudi Arabia's Malahi

Add to your bucket list: ’Malahi’ Amusement Parks in Saudi Arabia — the loud, the crazy and the fun Saudi Arabia has been on a…

14 December 2020

Al-Taybeen Museum

Special Feature: Childhood Memories at Al-Taybeen Museum “Throw it out! You don’t use it anymore!” Every child has heard…

13 December 2020

The Games We Played

Special Feature: The Games We Played—When a piece of cloth, wood and imagination was all the children needed Playtime for…

13 December 2020

Sacred forbidden lands

Special Feature: Traveling to sacred and forbidden lands Makkah, the holiest city of Islam. It is the city in which one finds…

17 November 2020

Saudi Modern explorers

Spotlight: Al-Rihala: Saudi Modern explorers “Who lives sees much, but who travels sees more," says an Arabian proverb. History…

16 November 2020

A ‘Rihla' through the desert

Special Feature: A ‘Rihla' through the desert—a homage to nature and memories “See where the wind takes the sand? If the wind…

16 November 2020

Add to your bucket list: Okaz

Okaz - Where the Wordsmiths of Arabia Met. Souq Okaz (located 40 kilometers north of Taif) was one of the three major souqs of…

16 November 2020

Islamic Gardens

Paradise of Gardens and its legends "If, of thy mortal goods, thou art bereft, And from thy slender store…

15 October 2020

Taif: The City of Roses

Add to Your Bucket List: Fragrant Taif La Vie en Rose— Taif: the City of Roses In the mountainous city of Taif,…

15 October 2020