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Islamic Gardens

Paradise of Gardens and its legends "If, of thy mortal goods, thou art bereft, And from thy slender store…

15 October 2020

Taif: The City of Roses

Add to Your Bucket List: Fragrant Taif La Vie en Rose— Taif: the City of Roses In the mountainous city of Taif, Saudi…

15 October 2020

Homage to a Nation

Homage to a Nation “ I try to include a bit of the soul of the place in each of my paintings…” Abdullah…

13 September 2020

A Queen, a pilot, a humanitarian and the musician

A Queen, a pilot, a humanitarian and the musician When one celebrates their national day, not only do they celebrate the…

10 September 2020

The Saudi artists who paved the way

The Saudi artists who paved the way “A Saudi person is distinguished by nature and environment rich with distinct aesthetic…

10 September 2020

Timeless Folktales of Saudi Arabia

For thousands of years, imaginative tales embodied the beliefs, customs and rituals of communities, while they amused,…

17 August 2020

Special Feature: Sheikha Al-Dosary discovers five legends in Saudi Arabia

“A Legend is a huge part of heritage… and heritage is a major factor in determining the identity of a nation,’’ —Dr. Maha…

17 August 2020

Add to your bucket list: The prince of generosity

Hatim Al-Tai’s legendary hometown "More generous than Hatim,” says an old Arab proverb, referring to the great legendary…

17 August 2020

The wall of legends

How does one become a legend? Some would say it is a combination of charisma, mystery, originality, dedication, being impactful,…

16 August 2020