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Add to your bucket list: Tarout Island

Your joyful Terra Incognita “Tarout goomy telly [Tarut get up take a look] Shoofy elfarah wa elnas [see the joy and people]…

19 July 2020

The joy of music

“The Khaleeji [Gulf] song has taken a special place in the hearts of people who live in the Arab world and the diaspora…The style…

19 July 2020

The Arts: A recipe for joyful living

“Art, it has been said, is beauty, and a thing of beauty is a joy forever….” —C.G. Jung (1875-1961) founder of…

19 July 2020

An ode to colorful joy

"Joy is the mother of all virtues..." —Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) legendary German literary figure,…

19 July 2020

The art of joy in light and film

“I find joy in capturing the ordinary, the banal, the things we see every day, and making them special and discovering the hidden…

19 July 2020

The joy of love and relationships

Titled “Mother & Daughter” by Shaikha Hala Al Khalifa. This photographic artwork cap-tures how the white fabric binds…

19 July 2020

The art of divinity and joy

“Arabic calligraphy is music for the eyes….” For the past 15 years, Abdulrhman Al-Faiz has been capturing and recapturing the…

19 July 2020

From the vault: Our boxes of memories.

Old doors, vintage cars and our boxes of memories. In this issue we pause to rediscover and reflect on elements in the art of…

18 June 2020

The art of Nostalgia

“Stop, friends! Let us stay and weep at the thought of my love, She lived here on the desert’s edge between Al Dakhooli and…

17 June 2020