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Ithra Theater Showcased the AO Show

3 Saudi Drummers

16 February 2020

Saudi Arabia’s Modern Evolution

15 January 2020

The Inspiration of the Arabic Language

30 December 2019

Janet Echelman Inspires at Ithra

29 December 2019

Photography: A Reflection of Humanity

16 December 2019

Conserving Cultural Memory Through Art

09 December 2019

Static vs. Interactive: Experience Art as a Living Organism

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.”

10 October 2019

Innovation - An (Artificial) Intelligence Playground

We live in an ever-changing world grappling with a perpetual struggle to constantly reinvent itself. Machines seem to be taking…

10 October 2019

Enlightenment in Total Darkness

“blindness is an unfortunate handicap, but true vision does not require the eyes.”

10 October 2019