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World Book and Copyright Day

What’s on Your Bookshelf? Short pin curls dyed in platinum blonde and a classic 1950s casual outfit with Capri trousers and a…

26 April 2021

International Day of Creativity and Innovation

A Personal Anchor for Creativity For the International Day of Creativity and Innovation, I am not going to talk about the great…

22 April 2021

The International Day of Sport

The International Day of Sport for Development and Peace: Saudi Football Goes to the Olympics In 2013, the UN General Assembly…

08 April 2021

Reaching for the Stars

The Lifelong Learner Who Reached for the Stars This month the world marks 60 years since the first human being blasted into space.…

01 April 2021

World Poetry Day

25 March 2021

Manuscripts of the New Generation

Manuscripts, traditionally, were texts written by hand, which means most everything before the development of printing. Texts made…

18 March 2021

A Treasure from the Archives

A Treasure from the Archives: the Brandenburg Concertos They are timeless masterpieces of music and are precious parts of the…

11 March 2021

Reflections about the Thing Called Love

A quote by Mik Everett reads, “If a writer falls in love with you, you could never die.” Within pages of many novels, characters…

18 February 2021

Riffs and Roots

Riffs and Roots: Jamming with Tarek Yamani in Being Saudi Being Saudi is an interactive exhibition in Ithra Museum’s Ajyaal…

11 February 2021