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Beyond the Challenge: What Else Tanween Could Inspire

Beyond the Challenge: What Else Tanween Could Inspire The poet Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “It’s not the destination, it’s the…

07 April 2022

Tanween: Stepping Into More

Tanween: Stepping Into More As we dim the lights on another successful Tanween Season, let's take a step back to one of our…

09 December 2021

Saving the Mamluk Minbars of Cairo

There is a concerted effort under way to save the medieval Islamic heritage of Cairo from damage and decay. Conservationists and…

25 November 2021

Timeless Golden Odes

Al Muʿallaqāt for Millennials The Timeless Pre-Islamic Arabic Golden Odes A legend goes that some time in the 8th…

15 December 2020

Together, Apart

How culture will survive the global pandemic In a world that seems increasingly divisive, it is almost ironic that it took…

09 December 2020

We stopped at a traffic light

We stopped at a traffic light waiting for a new start My first reaction was to accept that we are dealing with a pandemic…

07 December 2020

Creative work post-corona

Film Director Ali Alsumayin: Creative work post-corona will be bigger and better During the lockdown in the Kingdom of Saudi…

07 December 2020

Isolation taught us the meaning of freedom

By Ahmed Al Mulla: Poet, filmmaker, and director of the Saudi Film Festival I was preparing my suitcase to travel to Dubai, to…

07 December 2020


Tanween: The New Next Feature Article DIGITAL FASHION IS SUSTAINABLE FASHION Loud tabla drums boom through speakers. The scent of…

03 December 2020