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Timeless Golden Odes

Al Muʿallaqāt for Millennials The Timeless Pre-Islamic Arabic Golden Odes A legend goes that some time in the 8th…

15 December 2020

Together, Apart

How culture will survive the global pandemic In a world that seems increasingly divisive, it is almost ironic that it took…

09 December 2020

We stopped at a traffic light

We stopped at a traffic light waiting for a new start My first reaction was to accept that we are dealing with a pandemic…

07 December 2020

Creative work post-corona

Film Director Ali Alsumayin: Creative work post-corona will be bigger and better During the lockdown in the Kingdom of Saudi…

07 December 2020

Isolation taught us the meaning of freedom

By Ahmed Al Mulla: Poet, filmmaker, and director of the Saudi Film Festival I was preparing my suitcase to travel to Dubai, to…

07 December 2020


Tanween: The New Next Feature Article DIGITAL FASHION IS SUSTAINABLE FASHION Loud tabla drums boom through speakers. The scent of…

03 December 2020

Effects of COVID-19 on the arts

Rebecca Proctor talks with Ithra about the effects of COVID-19 on the arts In 2019, more than 93,000 people trekked to Art…

01 December 2020

A moment of pause

Melissa Gronland: Could a moment of pause be beneficial for the burgeoning Saudi art scene What does the impact of COVID-19…

01 December 2020

Persistence and a Second Chance

Faisal Samra: Persistence and a Second Chance Faisal Samra is in his Saudi studio, ready for the video conference interview…

22 November 2020