3 Local Saudi Drummers sit in with the Dhahran Big Band at Ithra Theater

By Faisal Alyousif

Performing Arts Coordinator at Ithra.


I think Ithra, the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, is a true cultural hub. Recently, for example, Ithra gave the opportunity for three local Saudi drummers to join the Dhahran Big Band for the on-stage rehearsals and pre-concert preparation ahead of the sold-out January 23, 2020 show at the Center’s Theater.

This rare chance for the local drummers was possible because of a new Ithra initiative aimed at connecting emerging local artists with professionals from around the world. The three local drummers were able to experience performing on a world-class stage, and, for two nights, were able to watch and learn from the experienced members of the Dhahran Big Band.

I want to express my appreciation to all of the individuals who participated in this amazing collaboration, a true mix of cultures. This Ithra initiative supports talented local Saudi musicians by providing them with performance opportunities at Ithra on certain weekend nights. In 2020, the Center aims to provide this chance to more than 100 Saudi musicians over 90 nights. This program echoes Ithra’s primary principles which are to enhance creativity, spread knowledge, and offer enriching cross-culture experiences.

I have no doubt that Ithra will always be an incubator for all those who are seeking to stimulate their creativity, improve their cultural knowledge, and share their talents and skills.