Ithra will be presenting Learning Beyond 2020, a two-day event on April 17-18, 2020.

Learning Beyond is an initiative aiming to create a learner-driven platform that inspires innovation in learning based on best practices.

This year the theme of the conference will be Learning How to Learn which is about embracing one’s naturally driven curiosity, wonder and imagination to discover new ways and opportunities of learning.

Learning Beyond 2020 will host1000 local and international learners including, educators, parents, and content developers. The conference will focus on two main areas: Learning Environments and Lifelong Learning. Presenters will provide opportunities through workshops, sessions, talks and social networking events to personalize the learning experience for all participants.

Our goal is to foster an environment that is accessible to all learners.

In both learning environments and lifelong learning there are multiple topics that will be presented and discussed.

To join Learning Beyond team, please follow these guidelines:

How to complete your proposal

1- Familiarize yourself with Learning Beyond2020

2- Complete your profile

3- Complete the form relating to your selection

4- Attach the requested files

5- Submit completed forms and wait for our email.

You will receive a confirmation email indicating we have received your proposal. Your submission is not a confirmation that you will be selected to participate.

Your proposal will be reviewed by a committee: only eight proposals will be selected.

If you have been selected, you will be informed by email before March 31.

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