After a successful year of milestones since its launch in March 2020, Ithraeyat Magazine is evolving into a new experience with an upcoming dynamic new digital platform. It is celebrating its new chapter with a special 13th issue themed the Desert, where we pay homage to a world of poetry, art, creativity and contemplation, rising from within the mirage of bareness of the sands.

In it, we have an exclusive conversation with the ‘Shakespeare of the Desert,’ HRH Prince Badr Bin Abdulmohsin Al-Saud and discover his other artistic side, one as colorful and diverse as his poetry.

The cover art piece is His Royal Highness’s homage to the many faces of the desert, and the peace one discovers in it as one takes a respite amongst its sands.

Here is an excerpt from the interview in which HRH sat with the Editor in Chief Rym Tina Ghazal and shared his insights into the world of poetry, art and the importance of finding your own unique voice.

Famous for his words, words that touch the hearts of generations of poetry lovers, words known across the north, south, east and west of Saudi Arabia and beyond, words immortalized through poetic verses, songs and iconic sayings, Prince Badr Bin Abdulmohsin in many ways is the poet of the people.

They turn to his words to capture their feelings, whether they are praising loved ones like a mother on Mother’s Day, paying homage to a nation on National Day or simply wanting to get lost in the depth of his poetry and the timeless sentiments and memories they inspire.

“I paint with my words,” said Prince Badr in an exclusive interview with Ithraeyat’s Editor in Chief Rym Tina Ghazal at his home in Riyadh. “But poetry is more than just a painting, it is ore like a sculpture, multidimensional, where at different angles you see something else, something unique.”

Instead of classic Arabic, the Saudi prince uses Nabati, the local dialect, where his poetic creations capture various layers of heritage, romanticism, pride, culture and the spirit of a nation. His poems —and passionate songs using his words— feel close to the hearts and imagination of its listeners and readers.

His words feel like home.

To read the rest of the interview and enjoy this exclusive online exhibition of his collection of art, as well as discover other stories and artists, browse through the latest issue of Ithraeyat here.

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