Ithraeyat Magazine

Welcome to Ithraeyat!

Ithraeyat, a monthly Cultural Magazine was launched digitally by The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra).

Created to inspire minds and enrich hearts, this Saudi inspired platform with an expansive international outlook will capture the art scene and the culture of art by bringing together a mosaic of stories collected from across the Kingdom, the region and beyond.


Isolation (Issue#1)

Ithraeyat introduces their first issue digitally; featuring the work of Saudi artist pioneer Tagreed Al Bagshi on the cover, the theme is isolation. The first edition delivers cultural tales that inspire during COVID-19’s precarious times.


Numbers (Issue#2)

An exclusive debut art piece by Saudi pioneer artist Lulwah Al-Homoud, to our special guest columnist Sheikha Alyazia bint Nahyan Al-Nahyan and a downloadable ‘Eid Gift’ from Barjeel Art Foundation, founded by UAE’S cultural icon Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi.


Nostalgia (Issue#3)

We pay homage to Nostalgia in all its forms. In this issue we remeet 'the mother of art" Safeya Binzagr, the legendary artist behind Makkah Gate (Dia Aziz Dia) and reflect over the comics, the food, and the art that make us reminisce.


Joy (Issue#4)

In this issue of Ithraeyat Magazine we pay homage to joy's many forms and colors. We meet renowned artists HH Shaikha Hala Al-Khalifa, HH Princess Reem Al-Faisal, Abdulrhman Al-Faiz and many others who explore the joy of art in their lives. We also welcome a treasure from the prestigious Aga Khan Museum, and special 'art coloring' Eid gifts from the celebrated Barjeel Art Foundation and Google Art and Culture.


Legends (Issue#5)

Moon and Sun gods and goddess. A golden mask, a lost city in the desert, women who rode lions, and mysterious magical creatures—these are just a handful of legends from Arabia and later Saudi Arabia you can discover in this latest issue of Ithraeyat. On the cover is the exclusive debut of ‘Al Qatt Al Thamudi’ by Saudi artist Ali Al-Shareef who has been studying rock art for three decades. It will be taken to Unesco.


Nation (Issue#6)

In this latest issue of Ithraeyat, we celebrate the Nation and all it stands for and our connection to our homeland. We explore its art, its symbols, its music, and the Saudi figures from history and the many who played a role in the foundation of such a vibrant, multifaceted nation. We also celebrate the 90th Saudi National Day, and pay homage to its many stories.


Gardens (Issue#7)

We pay homage to Gardens in the 7th issue of Ithraeyat, for a garden has brought many a sense of peace and purpose in the COVID-19 era of isolation and anxiety. In this issue, we enjoy the bold and vibrant art of Saudi artist Nawal Musali, featured on the cover, we reflect on 'Chaharbagh' and Islamic gardens, we are taken on an aromatic journey in Taif-- the City of Roses-- and many other colorful stories.


Travels (Issue#8)

In this latest issue of Ithraeyat, we pay homage to Travels. Here we discover past and present explorers, re-meet historic figures like the 'Lion of the Sea', read about a unique traveling minbar, trek across books and deserts to legendary sites like Okaz, and honor the precious tools we once carried to navigate through the world and our lives.


Childhood (Issue#9)

In homage to those fun times, Ithraeyat pays tribute to Childhood. From our favorite candy to board and video games, to cartoons and songs to fairytales and toys, we each have a special attachment to those days when all was possible, even creating a spaceship from discarded cardboard boxes and blankets or chasing a rusty old wheel.

The Street

The Street (Issue#10)

In homage to the life and art of the street, from the public art to the sound and the scents experienced there, we dedicate this issue to The Street and all it encompasses. We encourage you to pause and look around, and see the hidden art along its walls, and the stories along its windows.


Love (Issue#11)

There are so many forms of love, the love of a partner, a parent, a sibling, a child, a pet, a book, a piece of music, a color, a memory—the list of beloved things and persons are truly limitless. Inside Ithraeyat’s pages, we explore the genre of romantic poetry known as Al Ghazal or Al Ghazel, and feel the anguish and the passion expressed by this region’s greatest poets. We also meet renowned artists working within the deep theme of Love and other stories.


Stereotypes (Issue#12)

In a world overwhelmed with so much information, it is not surprising that we all hold preconceived notions about things, people, cultures and even about ourselves that can be incomplete. Bridging understanding, appreciating differences and truly knowing ourselves, is at the heart of our latest issue, themed Stereotypes. The cover art by renowned Saudi artist Eiman ElGibreen, titled ‘Does a Face Make a Difference?’