Everything you see at Ithra is, at most, only half the story. So, what if you had a chance to discover the other half?

The Behind the Scenes tour takes you on an adventure to the theater’s backstage, the orchestra pit, the flying tower, and the green-screen room, as well as a peek into how the lighting systems works. You will feel a part of the theater’s live shows.

Ithra: Behind the Scenes Tour



The Ithra dimensions tour takes you through Ithra’s eight treasures. You will explore the Center and its departments, including the Plaza, library, theater, Great Hall, Idea Lab, museums, Cultural Oasis and Ithra Tower, along with Ithra’s many dimensions.

Ithra Dimensions Tour



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Ithra Riddles Tour



This tour introduces the intricate details of the building – including the permanently installed artworks – and the Ithra story.

Ithra Journey Tour



This tour introduces visitors to the 12 iconic artworks integrated into the architectural design of the building.

These reflect the Center’s mission to inspire passion for creativity and cross-cultural communication.

Artistic Inspiration Tour



This tour is for anyone interested in the architectural aspects of Ithra. It takes visitors through the key architectural features of the building to showcase the outstanding achievement of the architects, engineers and builders who contributed to it.

Architectural Inspiration Tour