International Volunteers Day


World Volunteer Day is a global event to promote and spread the culture of volunteerism in the world and support the efforts of volunteers and strengthen their effective efforts in the community to achieve sustainable development goals. We seek to raise awareness amongst our youth about the importance of volunteering and to demonstrate its enormous benefits to the individual and society.


Giving and Enrichment Forum enhances the concept of volunteerism through many experiences of the most giving individuals in addition to the obstacles and difficulties that they have gone through during their amazing journey. The forum aims to inspire and motivate individuals to participate vigorously in volunteerism and to understand the different categories and the motives behind it.

The Forum will be mastered by Mohammed Abdulaziz Al-Mousa at the Ithra Theater.


"The main goal of the Exhibition is to show the values, achievements, and appreciation of the volunteers to the visitor as part of our strategy: “promoting the volunteerism for the society”.

The Exhibition will take place in the plaza consist of different activities such as discussion sessions with a professional volunteer, three screens to show the volunteers achievements and engagements during the major events, and data art string to collect information in an interactive way.

Volunteers Discussions

The gathering will give an opportunity for the active volunteering groups in the kingdom to set together and share their experiences and challenges in a volunteerism environment.

School visits

During the event, training sessions on volunteering will be offered to high school and university students, male and female.