Ithra Summer Camp

Ithra Summer Camp: The first step into an unlimited future



Kids dream big and they have courage and determination to move forward with clarity and excitement through the Summer Camp organized by King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) in its pursuit to prepare future leaders for tomorrow with its dynamic summer program. The Center carries out its mission to provide the space, tools and support to budding talent as they transform their ambitions and dreams into reality.

Ithra Summer Camp provides an opportunity for children of various age groups to explore their hidden talents and express themselves through their projects under the supervision of their Ithra instructors who encourage them to ask questions borne out of their curiosity. “An important element of the camp is to create curiosity about the things around them,” said one of the instructors at the program.

The camp unleashes children’s imagination and allow them to fully indulge in creativity and innovation. It also helps to focus their passions and allow them to identify their interests and pursue them into the future.

While speaking to the campers, it was found that many of the children see themselves taking on several roles in their future. To most of the kids, the camp was not merely a recreational exercise but much beyond that they understood the true purpose of the camp is to explore their interests in a dynamic environment where learning and fun go hand-in-hand.

One of the campers, Abdul Karim Al-Yahya, 11, discussed how the camp was an extremely positive experience, which delivered practical learning in a collective and inclusive setting. Abdul Karim had been to two programs before joining the Engineering Group where he had already assembled a FM radio and a complete desktop module, following in his father’s engineering footsteps as a first step.

As within Ithra Summer Camp’s aims, Abdul Karim discovered his future ambitions sharing that he wants to follow in the legendary footsteps of his other idol Ali Al-Naimi, former President and CEO of Saudi Aramco and later Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources.  When asked why he pursued two other programs, he aptly replied: “The whole idea is to search and explore my own talents. I want to give a chance to explore all my skills and then decide my future course.” Abdul Karim had previously completed the Game Maker and Junior CEO tracks within Ithra Summer Camp. In Game Maker he created a board game, while he found playing a CEO was an inspiring and motivating experience. Emphasizing the importance of hard work, Abdul Karim highlighted: “I intend to be patient and go through full process,” he said with a glint in his eyes. He continued to say that he learned immensely from the programs and would like to return again next year.

Ithra’s Summer Camp offers seven programs for children and youth ages 4-15 years.

The seven programs include: ‘Little Inventors’ and ‘Under the Sea’ available for small children of the 4 to 6 years age group. In this track children learn about the items around them and the story behind those inventions where they’ll explore and experience the process of making them. Children of this track could aspire to become scientists, marine engineers, divers, inventors or designers. In ‘Under the Sea’ program participants go on a journey under the sea and learn about the wonders beneath the waters.

Junior CEO, structured for kids aged 7 to 15 age group will introduce some prominent businessmen and businesswomen to participants where they’ll learn about real-world experiences as future business leaders. 

Engineering (for kids and youth ages 7-12) is among the most sought after programs and consists of two batches to accommodate all aspirants. The program, which utilizes problem-solving tactics, offers future engineers and scientists to tackle continuous improvement and reinventions in the modern world. The program covers almost all branches of engineering.

Super Canvas (for kids and youth ages 7-15) gives an opportunity for participants to unleash their inner artist and to explore the history of art and study some key figures such as  Picasso and Edvard Munch.

Game Maker, another popular program, offers children the opportunity not only to learn about the different types of games but to also develop their own. Children of this genre could opt a career of game developer or designer. Several children have developed their own games, which include board games.

Sound and Action, on offer for youth of 13 to 15 years age group, gives a chance to campers to explore components of films as well as sound engineering and its role in film and video production. This program will motivate youth to explore their inner filmmaker and consider a career in the fast-growing film industry.

Fares Al-Adel (aged 7), a participant in the ‘Super Canvas’ program, aspires to become an actor in his future professional life. “Life itself is an actual canvas filled with so many colors. I want to be an actor and experience those real shades of life and share it with my audience,” he said explaining why he opted for Super Canvas.

Camper Abdul Malik who loves action and wants to be a policeman, enthusiastically shared: “I want to fight bad men and arrest them. I want to make life safe for all.”

Ithra Summer Camp offers children an enjoyable multi-facet experience that allows them to explore their passions. One such example was Abdul Aziz, a camper who is also in Canvas and proudly displayed the “Star Fish” that he has put on the canvas but in the future would like be a businessmen or entrepreneur. He did not see any contradiction in himself. “Art is my passion. This is what I will do during my leisure time and business will be my profession which I will conduct with equal passion,” he said.

But camper Jawan Al-Zahrani has one-point plan for the future to be an architect. He was member of the Engineering Group and created a Beach house. “One day I will design my own house,” he said with determination in his tone.

Likewise Leen Al-Marzooq, 8, believes that she belongs to fine art. A member of Super Canvas, Leen loves artifacts, artworks of renowned artists and loves colors. “My future career will revolve around art,” she said.

 The camp delivers on its promise to give children and youth a solid foundation for their future career in a collaborative and encouraging expertise-driven environment. This camp experience will be a small step toward their future but will contribute immensely in their evolution as responsible and committed citizens carrying driving the future of the Kingdom.