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10 - 26 October


Assorted Locations


Suitable for All Ages.

Discover new ways to unlock your creativity at TANWEEN, Ithra’s Creativity Season! A 17 day event filled with inspirational talks, workshops, exhibitions, meetups, Demos, screenings, performances, and festivities for all ages and interests.

Every year, TANWEEN takes on a different theme to be explored through the mediums of art, music, film, theatre, science, literature, cultural heritage, and entrepreneurship. In 2019, TANWEEN will provide us the opportunity to see and try things in a new way, as we PLAY.

Ready to “Play”?

Ready to “Play”? As you play, you will explore more, discover more, and learn more! The focus of TANWEEN is to explore the impact of play through products, processes, emergence, and places of play. You will discover the untapped potential that can emerge from a playful approach to science, manufacturing, and communicating. This year’s creative season will allow us to recognize Play as a critical ingredient to creative thinking and innovative production.


1- Play Process
How will adding a little more play into your life can change how you do things and how you live your life? In this track, you will play to develops imagination, dexterity, physical, and emotional strength. The processes of play and being playful can be a vital tool in our evolution; it can strengthen you and broaden your creative horizon.

2- Emergent Play
Complex situations emerge from simple rules. Inspired by the power of play to encourage emergent behavior scientists are now designing Artificial Intelligence to learn about the world and adapt to it through “Play.” Whether you are a player or a designer, emergent play entitles you to have a voice in how you face obstacles, as long as you’re willing to play!

3- Play Spaces
Where will you play? In the park, the office, the street, a virtual world, on a stage, or at the World Cup. Will it be in front of thousands or in your own imagination? The way we make our environment will encourage and enhance play and in turn, enhance our social cohesion across cultures, generations, and communities.

4- Play Products
Meet the toymakers or become a toymaker! From the hand-crafted instrument to the latest in haptic gaming, people are creating products and experiences for others to play and create with. Discover games from across the world and see how different cultures play and how whole new worlds and cultures are being built in the virtual play space.


  • Activity

Lush garden

Box Wars - Final Event

Admission Free

"Let the Box War battle commence! Prepare yourself to battle in a Box War as over 100 cardboard clad racing pilots and planes battle out to win the war.

Cultural Oasis

Tanween Stage


Come and be part of Ithra’s creativity season, Tanween! Whether you are a singer, musician, actor or an artist do not miss the chance to register for Tanween Stage.

  • Dining-Experience

Knowledge Tower

Taste the sky

Admission 30 SAR

Discover your inner child in this futuristic display of ingenuity at “Taste the Sky” challenge, where you will have a unique opportunity to enjoy desserts floating in the air and made entirely out of light jelly.

  • Activity

Idea Lab

Tanween Challenges


  • Performing Arts


Greg Foot Extreme Sports Battle

Admission 15 % on Membership

A stunning exploration of science and technology to uncover and experience a broad range of games that encompass striking acrobatic movements and daredevil stunts. A show to answers a baffling question, who's the strongest: humans or machine?

  • Activity

Gallery 2

Box Wars

Admission Starting with 25 SAR

A battlefield of paper! Weapons, planes, and even shields ... all made of paper!
"Box Wars" challenge will dare adults and children alike to design and build shields, towers, boats, and airplanes with cardboard camera crews on them to construct the race track.

  • Talks


Tanween Talks


During TANWEEN, Ithra brings more than 35 experts, performers, designers, scientists, artists, and industry leaders from around the world will impart their skills and expertise to engage our imagination. They will tap into your inner child to show you the world through a fresh, hopeful perspective.

  • Dining-Experience

Lush garden

Dining in the dark

Admission 175

Dining in the Dark is a unique treat for gourmets, challenging their taste buds with meals, including drinks, served in complete darkness.

  • Performing Arts


The Wizard of Oz

Admission 16 % Discount for Members.

There truly is no place like home as the greatest family musical of all time, The Wizard of Oz, twists its way into Ithra!