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Tanween Talks (25 October): Made in KSA , Tech Disruption

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25 October 2018
Time: 5:00 PM


Gallery 2


Suitable for Adult, Youth.

Open your minds to new experiences, and engage with industry professionals and creatives across the science, art and technology fields


Curious Technologies! Inspiring a New Generation of Creative Innovators

Speaker: Justine Cassel

05:00 PM | Gallery 2 | English

Innovation and creativity are the highest values in today's competitive technology arena. And yet, few people talk about how to inspire innovation and creativity among the young people who may one day invent the most important technologies for tomorrow's societies. When advice is given, it usually consists of telling those young would-be entrepreneurs to spend long lonely hours by themselves brainstorming what kinds of technology they might themselves want to use.
But what if innovation and creativity were social in nature? What if they were more likely to occur if people spent time together with others? And what if they grew out of a very natural skill among children - and that is curiosity? Finally, what if technology itself could play a role in building groups capable of collaborating with others in innovative and creative ways? If technology could improve learning in groups of peers? If it could even inspire curiosity in young people of the kind that will later lead to a generation of creative innovators? In this talk, Justine Cassell, Associate Dean of Technology Strategy and Impact in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, and Director Emerita of the Human Computer Interaction Institute, will discuss the research behind these claims, and the technology that could bring it to pass.
Speaker: Dr. Justine Cassell, Associate Dean of Technology Strategy and Impact in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, and Director Emerita of the Human Computer Interaction Institute


Tech Disruption

06:30 PM | Gallery 2 | English

The technological revolution is having a profound impact on businesses and entrepreneurs. The digital transformation is putting under-served market segments within reach of young designers and entrepreneurs, impacting product development and manufacturing, retail, marketing and sales. Discover how technology can be harnessed by youth to create new business models in the fashion and creativity industries both in Saudi Arabia and the region as well as examine how fashion-tech and luxury-tech startups grow the market.

- Rania Masri, Chief Transformation Officer, Chalhoub Group
- Ramy Fares, Director of Retail, Middle East & Africa, Microsoft
- Ghizlan Guenez, Founder & CEO,

Anand Vengurlekar, Global Brand & Innovation Consultant 

Made in KSA

07:35 PM | Gallery 2 | English

Saudi Arabia is on the brink of a cultural renaissance; this workshop will examine how art, culture, fashion and creativity can come together to shift the Saudi Arabian landscape propelled into a future empowered by the Kingdom's entrepreneurs, designers and artists.

- HRH Nourah AlFaisal, Founder, Sougha & Nuun Jewels
- Hatem Alakeel, Founder, Toby
- Reem Al Khanhal, Designer
- Cyrille Fabre, Bain & Co, Partner & Director, Head of Consumer Products & Retail Middle East

Julien Hawari, co-CEO, Mediaquest

Meet the Disruptors

Speakers: Amal Al Marri & Deem Al Bassam

08:40 PM | Gallery 2 | English

Making the impossible possible, transforming the vision part into tangible products and services, disruptors are dreamers and entrepreneurs. When Amal and Deem decided to launch SALT against all odds they embarked in a unique journey. From logistic issues, to regulation. From marketing to tech use to disrupt a market and create a need. The obvious was unexplored and waiting for these young entrepreneurs to build it along with their dream. An in-depth conversation with Amal Al Marri and Deem Al Bassam to hear about their journey, how they harnessed tech to reach consumers, but most importantly what it takes to build a dream and inspire the next generation.