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Tanween Talks : 23 October

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23 October 2018
Time: 6:00 PM


Gallery 2


Suitable for Adult, Youth.

Open your minds to new experiences, and engage with industry professionals and creatives across the science, art and technology fields


Museum Opening Reception

06:00 PM | Gallery 2 | English

As part of the Creativity Season at the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, Ithra Museum welcomes special guests and the wider public to join us on this special event to mark the opening of the museum’s inaugural exhibitions. These exhibitions include something for everybody and feature exhibits over a thousand years old as well as world-class contemporary art. Our Beyond the Pen exhibition examines the creative styles of Arabic calligraphy while Beauty and Identity showcases Islamic art from around the world. Meanwhile the Arabian Journeys exhibition takes us on a journey across the nature of the Arabian Peninsula. The evening features the showing of specially-made documentary films about the making of the exhibits, the conservation and presentation of the Damascus room, as well as live performance by the artist Nugamshi.