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Tanween Talks : 20 October

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20 October 2018
Time: 6:00 PM




Suitable for Adult, Youth.

Open your minds to new experiences, and engage with industry professionals and creatives across the science, art and technology fields


Novel Materials

Speaker: Robert Frith

06:00 PM | Cinema | English

Authors create worlds full of details. They conjure the sights, sounds, textures and smells of our imagination. Materials and technologies are played with, used and put into use by the fictional societies created by the writer. These speculations of alternative realities are completely safe, a testing ground for how things might be or could be. Robert will tell the stories of these fictional materials and how they are now the novel materials of daily reality.

What is Immersive?

Speaker:  Fred Deakin

06:35 PM | Cinema |  English

Professor of digital media Fred Deakin explores how immersive experiences are changing how we communicate and the environment that surrounds us.

My Long List of Embroidered Failures

Speaker:Dr. Khalid Al-Yahya

07:10 PM | Cinema | Arabic

It is said that human knowledge doubles once every five years. With this exponential increase, people often find that what they know has become obsolete. Their knowledge becomes outdated, archaic and rusty, and ultimately ends up a laughing stock. This is what happened to the speaker, who will talk about his blunders after being struck by a series of intellectual leaps he did not consider.