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Tanween Talks : 19 October

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19 October 2018
Time: 6:45 PM


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Suitable for Adult, Youth.

Open your minds to new experiences, and engage with industry professionals and creatives across the science, art and technology fields


Making with Life

Speaker: Natsai Audrey Chieza

06:45 PM | Cinema | English

Biodesign - the design of, with, and from biology - is a rapidly emerging interdisciplinary field that blends design practice with biology. Technological advances in biotechnology now make it possible to engineer life at the DNA scale to exhibit novel behaviors. Working across a wide range of industries, Faber Futures is a creative biodesign lab and consultancy. Its mission - to align DNA scale engineering with critical design thinking - is driven by the understanding that biology can enable a new industrial paradigm that works within the constraints of natural systems to create the conditions for abundance. Faber Futures was founded by Natsai Audrey Chieza, a pioneer of biofabrication for the design of living systems. A designer, TED Speaker, and thought leader, her talk will take you on a riveting journey through this rapidly emerging field, and provide insights into Faber Futures’ unique approach to making with life.

An Undying Hero

Speaker: Bader Alhomoud

07:15 PM | Cinema | Arabic

Movies imprint their images in our memories. We find ourselves unable to forget the villain, without whom there would be no hero. What impact do these characters have, and how do we view them morally? Meet Saudi director Badr Al-Hammoud who will talk about all that and much more in a discussion entitled “An Undying Hero.

Ala: Robotics

Speaker: Professor Manfred Hild & Muhannad Shono

08:15 PM | Cinema | English

Muhannad Shono and Professor Manfred Hild discuss their collaboration and findings produced during Muhannad’s one year art residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin culminating in the ‘Ala: ritual machine’ exhibition at Ithra.

An Algorithm for Love

Speaker: Ashraf Fagih

08:45 PM | Cinema | Arabic

Machines around us are in a constant state of increased evolution and intelligence. Experts herald the age of artificial intelligence, e-learning and augmented reality; while others tremble with fear of the robot-filled future the Terminator warned of when he said: I’ll be back! But what if the machines of the future are gentle in nature? What if their intelligence could unravel a path Can machines outsmart us with love as well? If a machine were to in fact, fall in love…would it signal the end of everything? Dr. Ashraf Fagih, published science fiction author and head of Ithra’s Communications and Relations, explores the algorithm of love.