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Tanween Talks : 12 October

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12 October 2018
Time: 6:30 PM




Suitable for Adult, Youth.

Open your minds to new experiences, and engage with industry professionals and creatives across the science, art and technology fields


Designing Solutions for National Problems

Speaker: Tarek Atrissi

06:30 PM | Theater | English

A social examination focusing on mitigating obesity in national populations. We will explore innovative communication efforts to take on the obesity challenge in a developing world and discover how best to apply these efforts to local populations.

Connecting Cultures with Immersive Technologies

Speaker: Professor Mark Mon-Williams

07:00 PM | Theater | English

The Centre for Immersive Technologies at the University of Leeds' talk will present an overview of some of the findings from our 'Born in Bradford' project, and show how the data shed light on the role of culture in improving health and attainment in school subjects (such as reading). The talk will specifically focus on the emergence of immersive technologies experienced within the children's lifetime and consider the potential problems that such technologies might create - but focus on the ways in which immersive technologies have the potential to improve the health and education of children across the world.

Hello Voice UI Designing with Voice 

Speaker: John Anderson

07:30 PM | Theater | English

Rapid technology advancements are making it easier to integrate voice user interface (UI) into new products and services. These emerging interfaces create a new tool for designers to innovate and delight. In this talk, John will share principles for designing with voice UI with relevant technology platforms and examples. Through a case study covering Smart Design’s recent project for the BBC’s Big Life Fix television show, John will highlight the importance of using iterative prototyping to create seamless user experiences.

Oud Perspectives

Speaker: Ahmad Shaiba

08:00 PM | Theater | English


Collecting Stories and the Creative Power of Obsession

Speaker: Adam Savage

08:20 PM | Theater | English

Adam Savage talks about his passions and obsession with objects, the stories they tell and how objects help us understand and empathize with the disruptive world around us.