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Sense and Sensibility

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11 October 2018 - 27 October 2018
Time: 3:00 PM
Duration: Until closing time


Assorted Locations


Suitable for Adult, Teens, Youth.

We see the world around us as we experience it. Using our senses we detect our environment.
The artworks and designs within the Great Hall will disrupt those senses, those sensibilities.

‘Sense and Sensibility’ is an invitation to explore, to challenge and to disrupt. This exhibition provides unique experiences and insight into contemporary design and art. The works on display show a mastery of technology which sets up new ways of how we relate to the familiar. It is not the technology on display but the experience and the relationship with our environment which is forefront. By re-envisioning and transforming the norm, you will perceive matter in different ways, try new things and explore the possibilities of creation through the disruption caused.

Co-curated by ATHR and Saudi Design

Great Hall

Studio Roosegarde
Lotus, 2017
Mixed Media Sculpture

The Lotus creates an interactive play of light and shadow. As a futuristic vision of the Renaissance, the Lotus merges elements of architecture and nature into an interactive environment. The structure blooms and glows subtly in reaction to the heat of visitors’ hands, creating a poetic morphing of space and people.


Studio Swine
Silent Fall
, 2018
Mixed Media Installation

Silent Fall consists of a stream of fog-filled bubbles cascading down from an eight-metre fall, creating an uncanny simulacrum of a waterfall. In nature, the roaring white water of a waterfall is the result of the flow of billions of bubbles which cumulatively explode at the base of the fall, creating a roaring boom and the spray of fog.
Courtesy of the artist, Future/Pace and Athr Gallery


Majed Angawi
Untitled, 2017
Sound installation, 3 minutes

Through his interactive dark mirrored room, Angawi creates a journey that mimics ones feeling of being drawn deeply into the voices in their head, ultimately reaching a point of stillness and clarity.
Courtesy of the Artist

Studio Drift
Concrete, robotics, and mixed media
78-3/4” x 78-3/4” x 13’1-1/2” (2m x 2m x 4m)

A concrete block installation, that floats and moves at a slow speed on a controlled three-dimensional path. With great accuracy, the Drifter creates a performance in its space, calling on the viewer to reconsider the relationship with our living environment, which is often accepted as static and lifeless.
Courtesy of the Artist, Future/Pace and Athr Gallery


Tilt Brush by Google
3D Painting VR

Paint life-size three-dimensional brush strokes, stars, light, and even fire. Experience painting as you have never before.

Marije Vogelzang
4.50 m x 5.7 m x 5.0 m

Interactive Installation, 5 kilometers of rope, glass pipettes and flavored water
Meant as an experience for two people, Teardrop plays with childlike emotions; the sensation of being fed by someone else.
When one participant pulls on a tagged rope a flavored drop of water is released to be caught by the second person standing underneath the pipettes.
Installation in collaboration with Robin van der Werff
Courtesy of the Artist


Shepherd Studio
, 2018

As a design response, ‘<mat’- displays itself as a reinterpretation of the Islamic prayer mat. By the user’s point of interaction as a footprint for the design, this leaves the negative footprints as voids, as they remain as un-touched spaces. As such, this would guide the user to the correct positioning of prayer, with less material to manufacture.

Museum Alcove 1

Rashed Al-Shashai
Reversed Symmetry,
Interactive installation, mirror and prayer rugs
Courtesy of the artist and Hafez Gallery
The audience can interact with the installation and reconstruct the rugs as they wish

Al Shashai examines the significance of symmetry in religious architecture, particularly as it is found in mosques. Repetition and growth are two central concepts in Islamic aesthetics that describe infinite creation, and serve to create an immersive space for worshippers. Reversed Symmetry encourages the viewer to consider how visual encounters with symmetry can encourage contemplation while inspiring piety and transcendence by interacting with the installation and reconstructing the rugs as they wish.

Courtesy of the artist

Children Museum Exhibition

Sketch Aquarium,
Interactive digital installation

Children can observe the power of their creative imagination and are invited to color a drawing of a sea creature. Once completed, their creation is projected onto a giant virtual aquarium. Children will be able to see their creation come to life and swim with all of the other sea creatures. Children may also touch the fish to see them swim away, or touch the virtual food bag to feed the fish.

Sound by: Hideaki Takahashi and TeamLab
Courtesy of the Artist, Future/Pace and Athr Gallery


Museum Niches


Abdullah Al-Othman
Secret Messages,
5-piece sound installation, 3 minutes.

Al-Othman collected personal stories varying in their subjects and voices, which have not been shared due to their authors’ inability to transmit them for varying complex reasons. Through art, these secret messages were transformed into music in collaboration with musicians. Al-Othman created this work to offer a platform for human expression.


Idea Lab


Muhannad Shono
Ala: Ritual Machine,
7-piece robotic machine, motors, steel, plastics, and magnets

Video design collaboration: Artur Weber.
Special thanks to: Simon Untergasser & Benjamin Panreck.
Funded by The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra).
Courtesy of the artist and Athr

As our species evolved in emotional complexity, rituals emerged to help guide us through these emotions. These rituals acted as our “user manual” to our emotional states of being. Whether in mourning or in celebration, rituals are there to bring us back into emotional balance and steer us away from excess.
Collaboration: This project is a collaboration with Professor Manfred Hild and the Neurorobotics Research Laboratory, Berlin.


EE Theater


Hussam Al-Sayed
Nafas: the Third Movement,
Experimental music performance

Al-Sayed exposes the audience to his heartbeat in order to put them in a state of unison with him. By hearing and feeling his pulse, their pulse aligns and so begins their personal journey through contemplation and reflection.


Lush Garden


Cyril Lancelin
Inflatable Pink Pyramid,

Installation Pyramid has been inspired by the traditions of Architecture & Geometry.
Lancelin uses the pyramid to create a unique structural organization for contemplation and exploration. The artwork is designed to draw the visitor in; it is more than an object to view, it is a place to be experienced.
Entrance Outdoor Area.

Designed, engineered and curated by Studio INI led by Nassia Inglessis
17 meters

A wall that stretches, flexes and responds to human intervention, allowing visitors “to suddenly disobey the role of a spectator in architecture” and “those rules of how you interact with structure or with matter.” The structure, in turn, becomes an “emotional amplifier,” for their physical and emotional behavior.




Abdullah Al-Othman
Heart Catheterization,
Site-specific installation

Al-Othman created an intervention in a historical building in AlKhobar to instill a renewed notion of its remarkable architectural style. Al-Othman covered the entire building with tin foil in a symbolic gesture to its frozen state, making a statement about the absurdity of thinking that the cycle of change could ever be stopped. As the old saying goes, change is the only constant thing in life.