Developing Characters in Fiction and Dialogue Writing (3 Days)

language: Arabic

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13 November 2019 - 16 November 2019
Time: 5:00 PM
Duration: 4 hrs.


Knowledge Tower
Floor 11 - Meeting Room


Suitable for 16+ years.

In this 4-day workshop, Fatima aims to cover the fundamentals of developing characters in fiction and dialogue writing. The participants will be exposed to various issues regarding the techniques and art of character building using various literary tools.


Day 1:
- Definition: what is the character in a story?
- Types of characters.
- The importance of the characters in building the story.
- How to determine characters and their specifications.
- The workshop will involve many exercises and discussions.

Day 2:
- The creation of story characters based on the age groups.
- Who is the main character?
- Who is the enemy?
- Who are the secondary characters?
- Introducing characters in the context: Narrative of dialogue?
- The workshop will involve many exercises and discussions.

Day 3:
- Building and developing the characters.
- The secrets for enriching the characters.
- Effective dialogue.
- The characters and the suspense in the story.
- Evaluation of characters in different stories (Discussion).
- The workshop will involve many exercises and discussions.

Day 4:
- Participants will develop a short story with characters they have developed in previous exercises.
- Presenting the stories.
- Assessment.

Workshop Level: Beginner 

Facilitator Bio: Fatima Sharafeddine, The writer, born in 1966 in Beirut, Lebanon, collected several awards and honors, and spent the first six years of her childhood in Sierra Leon, in West Africa. In 1989, she received her B.A. in Early Childhood Education from the Lebanese American University. She received a Master’s degree in Educational Theory and Practice (1993) and a Master’s degree in Modern Arabic Literature (1996), both from Ohio State University. She moved to Houston, Texas in 1996, where she worked for two years as a lead teacher with children aged 3 to 6.
At a later stage, she taught Arabic Language and Culture classes at Rice University. She is currently fully dedicated to writing for children and young adults. Over the last 12 years, she has written and published more than 120 books, and translated several others from English and French into Arabic. 
Several of Fatima’s books have been translated to various European languages, namely French, English, Turkish, Finish, Dutch, Irish, German, Swedish, Slovenian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, and Danish.