Materials Gesture & Architecture (5 Days)

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29 October 2019 - 2 November 2019
Time: 5:00 PM
Duration: 3 hrs


Knowledge Tower


Suitable for 16+ years.

Experiencing architecture is experiencing space. But space is a hard concept to grasp. Perhaps space can be seen as the negative form or the inverse quality of the material surrounds it. Here an interesting juxtaposition arises. Architectural derives from the way material qualities are orchestrated. However, the choice for a material more frequently happens at the end of the architectural design process then in the beginning. What would happen if we give material a leading role in our design process? What interesting spatial and architectural gestures may take place when we start with the willfulness of a material? Let’s research the potential of a material gesture in architecture. By the end of the workshop we will have looked at how leading architects use material to create a specific spatial experience. We will hands-on experiment

with how material can have an impact in our own architectural design process. Research will be done by using a range of model making techniques and evaluations of photographs of these models made by the students.

Objectives and Expected Outcomes: 
-Understand the value of experimenting and making unexpected connections in order to solve complex, contemporary and local problems.
-Know how to collect, analyze and filter useful data.
-Ability to translate research into design, using various techniques such as 2D/3D sketching and model making.
-Identify solutions to solve the formulated problem.
-Ability to communicate their designs using various presentation techniques.

Day 1 – Introduction 

- Who is NExAR? 
- Something about water: what is it and how important is it?    

Day 2 – Discovery and Research 
- DISCOVER water use in own surroundings by field research.  
- INTERPRET design opportunities for better use of water-use, storage and harvesting.    

Day 3 – Ideate and Create 
- IDEATE potential designs for the opportunities. 
- CREATE models.  

Day 4 – Evaluate 
- EVALUATE and innovate. 
- EXPERIMENT with the prototype.

Day 5 – Present


1- Dennis Meulenbroeks "Social entrepreneur"
The founder and director of NexAR, a bridge building organization for design between the Netherlands and the Arab World. As a social entrepreneur with a background in Industrial Design, he continues to research and develop new approaches and strategies for design in the social field. His entrepreneurial spirit and ability to make things happen are a necessity in a collaborative and empowering project set-up. 
Dennis Meulenbroeks was the first ever designer who fitted the field of social work with designs to get to holistic, innovative and realistic concepts and programs. 

2- Lotte de Raadt "Conscious designer"