Creative Writing for Children and Young Adults 4 Days

language: Arabic

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26 August 2019 - 29 August 2019
Time: 4:00 PM
Duration: 3 hours


Knowledge Tower
Floor 9 - Classroom 02,03


Suitable for 16+ years.

In this workshop the trainer aims to cover the fundamentals of writing for children and young adults. The participants will be exposed to various issues regarding the techniques and art of creative writing.

Day 1:
- Introduction to Children’s literature. - Self-discovery exercise. - Brainstorming. - Children literature types. - Visual books for 0-8 year old: looks, content for different age groups. - Stages of story construction. - Writing types and methods. - Editing the first draft. - Evaluating your story - Discussion and analysis exercises. 
Day 2:
- Relationship between the writer and the sketch-designer. - The publisher’s mind. - Choosing the publisher. - Preparing scripts for publishers. - Writing properties for the young (8-12 year old): looks, methods and content. - Writing properties for the youth (13-18 year old): looks, methods and content. - Identifying the main components of a story. - Topic: Importance of research and planning in writing. - Perspective: Choosing the author’s tone. - Importance of choosing the place and timeline. - Discussion and writing exercises
Day 3:
- Methods of novel’s planning: Constructing the center of the story. - Construction and self-improvement in writing. - Plot construction: main character. - Method: Narrative and dialogue. - Transmitting emotions in writing. - Building continuous interest in a story. - Chapters writing: Purpose of your first novel chapter. - Open-end stories. 
Day 4: 
- Reviewing and polishing. - Presenting your work to a publisher. - Work on a final project (end result of the workshop). - Writing barriers. - Importance of cash groups in writing. - Final advice 

Workshop Level: Beginner 

Trainer Name: Fatima Sharafeddine
Fatima Sharafeddine is fully dedicated to writing for children and young adults. Over the last 12 years, she has written and published more than 120 books, and translated several others from English and French into Arabic. She works with the publishers Kalimat (UAE), Dar al-Saqi (Lebanon), Asala (Lebanon), Dar al-Shourouk (Egypt), Turning Point (Lebanon) and Mijade (Belgium), Lamsa (UAE), Academia International (Lebanon).