Animation 102 (5 Days)

language: Arabic

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22 July 2019 - 26 July 2019
Time: 3 hours everday
Duration: 5 days


Knowledge Tower
Floor 8 - Classroom 08T-01


Suitable for 13 - 16 Years.

Participants will be able to add motion and sound to their artwork in order to publish it on social media. Participants who have completed Animation 101 will have the opportunity to learn and practice advanced techniques and methods using Adobe Animate

Day 1 - Quick review over to the elementary tools of the application. - Practicing Tweening and Rotation tools. - Practical activity- Moving Vehicle animation. 
Day 2 - Understanding the principle of frame by frame animation. - Practical activity- creation frame by frame bird animation. - Inputting bird sound in the animation. 
Day 3 - Understanding Glow and Shadow effects. - Practical activity- creation of a bouncing ball with Shadow effect. - Practical activity- Sunrise and sunset animation. 
Day 4 - Understanding the advance level to Character creation. - Creating and animate imaginary character. - Use Frame Picker and Lip Syncing for Mouth Movements. 
Day 5 - Creating world map. - Steps of how to create 3D Earth rotation animation. 

Pre-requisites: Laptops, Adobe Animate, A4 Papers, Pencils, Erasers and Sharpeners.

Workshop Level: Intermediate 

Trainer name: Amin Soofi and Mohammed AlMahdi.
Amin started his journey with 2D animation back in 2003 on Macromedia Flash. He has done several animated clips for his social media account @aminsoofi and for well known companies in Bahrain: Zain Bahrain,  Ministry of Youth and Sport Affairs, Tosh Hospital and Bahrain Medical Aid. He started the training journey with Cartoon Planet in 2013, then with Takween Training Center in 2017 and with Doroos Educational Center in 2018.  Amin Trained a number of talented artist at Bahrain's 2030 Youth City (2018), and gave a workshop at Bahrain's Hakaya MISK (2018).