Under The Sea

Language: Arabic and English

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17 June 2019 - 1 August 2019
Time: 9:00 AM
Duration: 4 Days [4 hours / day]


Assorted Locations


Suitable for 4-6 years.

In this track children will go on a journey under the sea and learn about its secrets.

Inspired professions:
- Scientist
- Diver




See the Sea: 

  • Children will explore some fun facts about the seas on Earth. These include: percentage, depth, colors, to name a few. Children will go inside one of our aquariums and discover on their own.
  • Children will create a sea wall that displays different color shades of the sea.


Meet the Diver: 

  • Children will get to meet a diver. During the session, the children will investigate the tools she uses, and what’s the nature of her job.
  • They will get to interview the diver.


The Diving Journey: 

  • Children will create some fun diving goggles/masks similar to the ones our diver had!


Parts Apart:

  • Children will hunt for fish parts scattered in the area and eventually combine them to build some fish. Children will explore and learn about the different parts of fish that contribute to their life.


The Rainbow Fish:

  • Children will enjoy the well-known book “The Rainbow Fish,” which highlights one of the fish’s important parts -- its scales.
  • Children will experience a fun rainbow fish craft.


Fish a Fish:

  • Children will move out to the fish pool and catch their favorite fish to take home and take good care of.


Aquarium Art:

  • Observation is an important life skill. The children will put their diving masks on and travel to the largest aquarium in Ithra and observe different sea creatures.
  • Each child will select their favorite fish and sketch it.
  • Children will craft the creature they sketched and add it to the big wall.


Sea Life Cycle (Catch me If you Can):

  •  Children will become a sea creature and will learn how to hunt for their prey. Through this activity they will understand part of the sea’s life cycle


Watch it Fade:

  • Children will travel to the Museum’s natural history gallery to learn more about the coral reefs, its uses, and secrets.
  • Children will get to contribute the different reefs they crafted to be added to the big wall.


Mess to Impress:

  • In a super sensory messy setting, children will get to explore different seas, their surrounding environments, and the living species in those seas.
  • Children will sort sea creatures through sensory play in water, slime and sand.