Sound in Action

Language: Arabic and English

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17 June 2019 - 12 July 2019
Time: 3:00 PM
Duration: 6 Days [5 hours / day]


Assorted Locations


Suitable for 13-15 years.

Like a director, participants will learn the basic concepts of developing their own film.
Inspired professions:
- Film maker
- Sound Engineer




Sound Engineering: 

  • Campers will get the chance to learn about sound engineering and how important it is to film and video production.


Short Film:

  • A short film can convey its message regardless of its length.

Campers will learn about short films and how important they are in delivering a message to the audience.

Types of Short Films:

  • Campers will learn about the differences between nine types of short films: Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Mystery, Documentary, Animation, Story Narration, Fiction and Horror.

Short Film Components:

Campers will enjoy exploring the following film components:

  • Shot – The duration of time between the camera switching on and off.
  • Scene – A group of shots that show events happening at the same time and space.
  • Sequence of Events -- A group of scenes with time and space relevance.

At the end of the session, campers will get the opportunity to choose their idea, create their storyboard and events.


Short Film Elements:

Campers will learn and experience the following film elements:

  • Idea – Storyboard creation.
  • Angles – Types of angles, camera lids and their use.
  • Lighting – Types of lights and their use.
  • Sound – Learn about sound and image correspondence, scene atmosphere creation and emotion creation, as well as sound types, such as human sounds, music and sound effects.
  • Video editing – Combining together image and sound and forming the final production.

At the end of the session campers will start working on their own short films by integrating all of the skills they learned.

Video Editing Programs:

  • Campers will learn how to use iMovie to edit their films.


Movie Premier Night:

  • Campers will get the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments by showing their film they created to the invited audience of families and friends at the (Movie Premier Night).