Little Inventors

Language: Arabic and English

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24 June 2019 - 25 July 2019
Time: 9:00 AM
Duration: 4 Days [4 hours / day]


Assorted Locations


Suitable for 4-6 years.

Everything around us was an invention at one time. In this track children will learn about some of the items around us and the story behind these inventions. Children will explore and experience the making of those inventions.

Inspired professions:
- Scientist
- Designer
- Inventor

Soapy Hand: 

  • Children will learn about the origins of soap.
  • They will learn how to make their own soap.
  • Children will observe the shrinking process of soap in one of the Zamakan Exhibit installations located in Gallery 1 and will apply it similarly in a classroom setting.
  • Children will experiment with soap and science using items found at home.


Play Clay:

  • Children will find out how play-dough was invented.
  • They will follow a recipe to make their own play-dough.
  • Children will experiment with different types of clay.


Does a Straw Grow?

  • Children will learn how straws were invented.
  • They will learn how to make their own straws by wrapping papers and waxing.
  • The challenge will be to make the longest straw to drink juice or water or build fun structures using straws. 


Frozen Colors:

  • Children will learn about how Popsicle were first made.
  • Children will visit a small shop to select ingredients need to make their Popsicle.
  • Children will be engaged in making their own original Popsicle flavor.
  • Children will experience coloring a giant Popsicle using colorful ice paint.