Junior CEO

Language: Arabic and English

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17 June 2019 - 27 July 2019
Time: 9:00 AM, 3:00 PM
Duration: 8 Days [4 hours / day]


Assorted Locations


Suitable for 7-9 years, 10-12 years, 13-15 years.

Who says you have to be an adult to implement your business idea? This summer at Ithra you can be your own CEO right from the moment you join the camp!

Inspired professions:
- Businessman/businesswoman
- Entrepreneur




  • The Concept behind Junior CEO:
  • Introducing the concept of entrepreneurship
  • Importance of entrepreneurship
  • Its value within society
  • Famous Entrepreneurs:

Participants will get to hear about well-known.

  • Business Types:
  • Before starting their businesses, participants need to learn about which path to follow:
  • Teaching the difference between goods and services.
  • Directing your Thoughts:
  • Engaging students in discovering their talents and abilities as they apply to the world of business.
  • Encouraging participants to take their first steps towards becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Getting your Business Started:
  • Basic necessities of planning and starting a business.
  • Early stages of business ownership.
  • Building confidence in their abilities in public speaking and expressing their thoughts and ideas.
  • Finding Your Market:
  • Identifying primary and secondary markets for the class business.
  • Developing and conducting a simple feasibility study survey in order to find the primary and secondary markets for the class business.
  • Making your Marketing Plan:
  • Creating a simple marketing plan.
  • Understanding different types of advertisement.
  • Using the previous survey to identify an advertising plan.
  • Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each plan.
  • Pricing your Products or Services:
  • Understanding the meaning of wholesale and retail prices, profit, loss, gross, and net income.
  • Learning how those elements will affect their business.
  • Understanding basic expenses in owning a business.
  • Logos and Labels:
  • Participants will exercise their creativity to come up with a name and logo.
  • Importance of logos and labels.
  • Entrepreneurs and Teamwork:
  • The value of working on a team.
  • Delegating roles and responsibilities.
  • Cooperate and compromise for the good of the business.
  • An Official Meeting of Entrepreneurial Minds:
  • Conduct a business meeting to prepare for their grand opening.
  • Compare ownership of class business to sole ownership of a business
  • Preparing for grand opening.
  • Business Need Rules:
  • The importance of having rules and guidelines.
  • Pitching Ideas!
  • Invite your families and friends to hear your businesses concepts.