Ramadaniyat for Kids

Language: Arabic and English

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Assorted Locations


Suitable for 7-9 years.

This Ramadan children are invited to a fun filled program during the days of the holy month.

During the program children will capture some of the customs and traditional practices and inherited during the month through a multi-activity enriching program, and is suitable for the age groups 7-9 years.

4 days/week , 3 hours/day




Week 1


6 - 9 May

12:00-3:00 pm

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Week 2


13 - 16 May 

12:00pm - 3:00pm


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Week 3


20 - 23 May 

12:00pm - 3:00pm


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Once a ticket is booked for week 1, week 2, or week 3, participants will be enrolled in all activities and workshops as follows:


 Your Creative Lantern


  Greetings Designs

Children will get to build a structure of a modern lantern and use an electrical circuit to light it up
    Children will get to choose their favorite occasion to create a greeting card or label using a graphic design program. Children will get to print the labels to use them.

 What's Behind the Movies


 Bookmark Session 

Participants will watch a set of short films, have an interactive session where they do some games and completion to challenge their knowledge in the films as well as expose them to new knowledge

    Participates will have a tour in the Beauty and Identity exhibition, and be exposed to different types of patterns. After identifying the pattern the children will use the provided materials such as silk, leather, crystals, ribbons, and tussles to create their own modern or ancient bookmark. 

 Your Creative Lantern 2


 Theater of the Greats 

After the participants has built their structure, they will get the opportunity to design it.      Children will dress up in different characters who lived through the Islamic civilization eras. Children will explore the ongoing effect for those characters on our days now. Children will learn about the Islamic civilization through a role play and some completion

 Under the Moon-y Sky 


 Follow the Moon

Children will listen and interact with a story about the joy of Ramadan when we see the moon’s of Ramadan and how the family prepare and restore customs and traditions with family during Ramadan month. The story will be followed by a hands on activity. During the activity children will learn the effects of the moon stafes on the occasions occurring during the month    

A new moon’s crescent, as a sign of the starting of each lunar month in the Islamic calendar.


Children will solve puzzles, riddles, and games in different zones of the Children's Museum in a scavenger hunt like activity


Registration Fees:

450SAR per participant
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Important notes:

  • Families are to provide their child’s own snacks from home as the center will not be providing any
  • Children who are fasting will have some hands games during the break
  • Children are to have their given badges on at all times
  • Check in and check out at the entrance of the Children’s Museum
  • Adults receiving kids shall have their badges


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