Arabic Oud - 5 days

Language: Arabic

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Knowledge Tower | Music Studio


Suitable for 16+ years.

Introduction to using the Oud Musical Instrument. Participants will learn the basics of playing the Oud. After the participants learn the basics they will practice what was learnt and practice some known songs.

Participants will learn:

Day 1: 
- Introduction to Oud
- Oud terms
- Oud components 
- Holding the Oud

Day 2: 
- Musical theories
- Practical session for Oud holding
- Introducing musical notes on Oud

Day 3: 
- Practice previous session on Oud
- Learn natural Oud notes

Day 4: 
- New musical theories
- Practice on a well-known songs

Day 5: 
- Review all the previous sessions
- Group Oud playing

Workshop Level: Beginner
Workshop Prerequisites: -
Trainer: Saad Jawad

Saad Jawad has over 22 years of experience as a trainer in the music industry. He led, organized and trained musical events in Bahrain and he was nominated and recognized for his achievements. He currently works at Bahrain Music Institute. Saad also participated in Musical events in Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, France, Germany, China, Spain, and he won multiple awards.