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Jewelry Design - 5 days

Language: English + Arabic

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28 January 2019 - 1 February 2019
Time: 5:00 PM
Duration: 3 Hours


Knowledge Tower


Suitable for 16+ years.

The goal of this 5-day workshop is to provide the knowledge and tools required to design and make jewelry pieces using basic and traditional jewelry making techniques such as sawing, filing, forming and texturing, allowing designers to be more creative in design & adaptable in implementation.

Participants will learn:

  • How to saw straight lines & curves on metal sheet
  • How to pierce a metal sheet
  • How to drill and file
  • Start making your own design
  • Finish & polish final jewelry pieces


Workshop Level: Beginner

Workshop Prerequisites: -

Trainers: Dina Solaiman & Sarah Zaki

from the Design Studio by Azza Fahmy


Dina Soliman has joined the Design Studio by Azza Fahmy (DSAF) in year 2015 to study Jewelry Making & Design. She is currently one of the main teaching staff at the studio’s various programs conducted locally & internationally.

Sarah Zaki studied with known artists in the Design Studio by Azza Fahmy and has been in the jewelry field since 2009. Sarah has her own jewelry brand of Sarah Zaki Jewelry Designs, and participated in several exhibitions in Cairo and Poland. Sarah.