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2D Animation - 5 days

Language: Arabic

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21 January 2019 - 25 January 2019
Time: 5:30 PM
Duration: 180


Knowledge Tower


Suitable for 16+ years.

Participants will learn how to start their own 2D animation project from brainstorming to building their own character, they will then learn how to animate their characters and create 2D animations and finally participants will learn how to market their final product.

Participants will learn:


Day 1: Introduction to Adobe After Effect and the tools of Animation

Day 2: Basic of Character creation and rigging

Day 3: Create a storyline. How to start and end a storyline to make an idea interesting

Day 4: What and how you should promote the idea

Day 5: How to market your product on Social Media Platforms


Workshop Level: Beginner

Workshop Prerequisites: -

Trainers: Manal AlGharabally & Soud AlEnezi


Manal AlGharabally graduated with a Bachelor degree in the major of Mass Communication and took Psychology as a minor, from the Kuwait University in the year 2009. In 2008, Watan TV offered her an internship in the where she was given the role of Assistant Director for a live show. Soon after graduation, in the year 2009 she started her own business in media and branding; MBVISION. It started as small venture working more on the area of production and branding alone. In 2014, Mr. Soud Al Enezi partnered with MBVISION, and both of them created a Department for Animation. MBVISION has gained great accolades, appreciations and awards, which also includes the latest GLOBAL VEGA AWARDS, from the United States of America in 2018.


With a childhood filled with watching a lot of cartoons, Soud AlEnezi's young mind was filled with colours and animation. With the dream to spread the culture of animation and visual effects to the coming generations, he moves forward with passion and enthusiasm. With great creativity in store he went on to become the lead animator and instructor at LOYAC. Later on he became the head writer for Solid Idea giving much creative themes in the field. In 2014, he partnered with Ms.Manal AlGharabally at MBVISION to create a Department for Animation.