Ithra Daily Journal for Everyone

The world has taken an unthinkable turn – we are now living an unforeseen and unexpected life. Many people have left their routines behind and are dealing with new experiences and unfamilar emotions.

On the sidelines of the coronavirus pandemic, Ithra is offering a space where everyone can share their daily journals, a place where we can see how the world is adapting to this new life and new routines. COVID-19 Journal documents the contrasting experiences that swing between sadness and joy, solitude and socializing, distancing and convergence – any and all emotions that arise during these exceptional circumstances. It is our hope that, in the long run, COVID-19 Journal will be a meaningful document for anyone – researchers, decision makers, or anyone with an interest in reading between-the-lines about how this pandemic affected both individuals and societies.

Join us to publish your diaries as part of the world’s recollection, to be forever documented and preserved as part of this era’s history for future generations.

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